About a Farm
Director: Mervi Junkkonen
Moving Adult Cats
Director: Johan Lundborg
In About a Farm, the director’s parents who run a farm in a small town in Finland decide to sell off all their cattle and shut it down, while their ill daughter chooses life in the city. A self documentary that paints a portrait of a family buffeted by surging waves of change in a small town in Finland. In Moving Adult Cats, a traveling salesvan makes a stop once a week in a small rural village in Sweden. The camera closely follows the daily activities of two elderly folk, painstakingly observing their anxieties as they strive to live true to themselves until the end. Through the filmmaker's attentive observation, the issues of old age that we all must face are delicately delineated.
9.19(Tue) 14:25 @Polepole Higashinakano theater
9.23(Sat) 16:20 @Polepole Higashinakano theater
10.12(Thu) 16:30 @Athenee Francais Cultural Center


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