Marguerite as She Was
FRANCE/2002/French/Color, B&W/Video/61min
Director: Dominique Auvray
This portrait is to come close to the French author and filmmaker Marguerite Duras, as she was: cheerful and serious, true and provocative, attentive and categorical, but above all young and free.
10.14(Sat) 14:30 @Athenee Francais Cultural Center
Last House Standing
CHINA/2004/Chinese/Color, B&W
Directors: Gan Chao, Liang Zi
SINGAPORE/2004/English, Chinese, others
Color, B&W/Video/27min

Directors: Gek Li San, Ho Choon Hiong
In Last House Standing, Mr. Jiang has watched over Shanghai through the years. As a young tomboyish lodger staying at his soon-to-be-demolished house questions him, his remarkable life gradually unfolds. In Innocent, the director first found out about her aunt's suicide at the funeral. Discovering the truth by reading between the lines of relatives' testimonies, a sense of stagnation in Singapore seeps through.
10.11(Wed) 15:00 @Athenee Francais Cultural Center
10.14(Sat) 16:00 @Athenee Francais Cultural Center
Blossoming in the Wind
CHINA/2004/Tibetan, Chinese/Color/Video/60min
Director: Sun Yueling
Chen Lu
CHINA/2004/Chinese/Color, B&W/Video/29min
Director: Lin Xin
Blossoming in the Wind shows us a blissful journey by young Tibetan monks, their disciples and the director through snow-covered sacred mountains. Animals and human beings, all are full of life. Chen Lu in China is a town famous for ceramics. People’s faces when talking about their town, the landscape and the beauty of the ceramics are portrayed with artistic elegance.
10.14(Sat) 18:00 @Athenee Francais Cultural Center
10.20(Fri) 14:30 @Athenee Francais Cultural Center

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Co-presented by Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Organizing Committee, Athenee Francais Cultural Center, The Film School of Tokyo, Polepole Higashinakano

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