In the Shadow of the Palms - Iraq
AUSTRALIA/2005/Arabic, English/Color, B&W/Video/90min
Director: Wayne Coles-Janess
In Spring of 2003, the U.S. offensive began. Life in Baghdad changed forever. In a world swallowed by by a tidal wave of propaganda, the director shows us the Iraq he saw with his own eyes.
9.16(Sat) 12:30 @Polepole Higashinakano theater
9.28(Thu) 19:45 @Polepole Higashinakano theater
10.18(Wed) 14:00 @Athenee Francais Cultural Center
Final Solution
INDIA/2004/Hindi, Gujarati, English/Color/Video/150min
Director: Rakesh Sharma
A consideration of hostility between Hindus and Muslims in India, as seen through an investigation of a massacre of Muslims in the western state of Gujarat in 2002. The Hindu political party, which advocates an orthodox India, clashes with and oppresses the Muslim population. Through the testimonies of both Hindus and Muslims, the origins and amplification of the animosities are painstakingly depicted. The director’s sincere approach, as he attempts to discover the beginnings of a solution amidst the mechanics of this seemingly insolvable conflict, is deeply moving.
9.16(Sat) 14:25 @Polepole Higashinakano theater
9.21(Thu) 16:40 @Polepole Higashinakano theater
10.18(Wed) 16:00 @Athenee Francais Cultural Center
Before the Flood
Directors: Li Yifan, Yan Yu
The Three Gorges Dam will become world's largest when completed in 2009. This powerful, epic cinematic poem incisively captures the surging waves of time through the changing circumstances of people and towns whose futures lie beneath a deluge of water.
9.16(Sat) 17:20 @Polepole Higashinakano theater
9.29(Fri) 12:30 @Polepole Higashinakano theater
10.20(Fri) 18:30 @Athenee Francais Cultural Center
The People of Angkor
Director: Rithy Panh
In Angkor Wat, we follow a boy and his relationships with the people who live there, the ruins, and the tourists. The legends and magical stories depicted on the stones of the temple remains overlap with the reality of modern Cambodia. The lingering pain left by years of civil war, the gap between conditions in the cities and the countryside, and the thoughts of the boy who has lost sight of the future are conveyed at a leisurely rhythm with beautiful imagery that gently evokes emotion in the viewer. This director continues to portray Cambodia, face to face.
9.16(Sat) 20:10 @Polepole Higashinakano theater
9.27(Wed) 18:10 @Polepole Higashinakano theater
10.16(Mon) 19:00 @Athenee Francais Cultural Center

Presented by Cinamatrix
Co-presented by Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Organizing Committee, Athenee Francais Cultural Center, The Film School of Tokyo, Polepole Higashinakano

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